BELFAST (Titanic Quarter, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Urban quarter development.

This is one of my two concepts for the Titanic Museum in Belfast. My inspiration was the tragic image of a sinking ship with 2240 people onboard. The incident occurred on the 10th of April, 1912, at 2:05 a.m. All available survival crafts were already gone and onboard there were still people running in panic trying to get to the safer part of the deck. A few minutes later, at 2:18 a.m., the ship is engulfed by the sinister ocean. This is the most emotional moment to me and that is the reason I chose it as a main theme commemorating the great tragedy.

The last breath of the giant and the last seconds of life for over 1500 people were the impulse for the project. The Museum is surrounded by water, thanks to which one can admire the effect of the reflected lights in it, accompanying this fateful moment. Walking through the glass tunnels one can experience the feeling of abyss coming from gelid waters.

Suggested materials: concrete and steel. Concrete structure of the shipyard and great metal gantries remained in the memories of those who constructed the Titanic. The shipyard is the ship's place of birth and has become a shrine for those lost on the tragic voyage.

The building is not merely a museum. It is a collection of various independent functions, introducing to Belfast a new infrastructure, creating new employment places and enlivening the defunct shipyard, while still managing to preserve the historical value of the city.

The project comprises a chain of hotels, a shopping centre, an art centre, a hospital, kindergartens and schools. In the vicinity of the complex I have suggested a housing area, which is based on the rescaled original plans of the upper deck of Titanic (see animation below).

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Titanic Museum 2 / Belfast